Magnetful 120

In times of labor shortages in metalworking industry, it is becoming increasingly important to design workplaces ergonomically, in particular to relieve existing employees, avoid health risks and attract new employees through ergonomically designed workplaces. The entire market for ergonomic handling is based on hook models or special purpose tools for this problem.

We are offering a plug & play solution!

BPM and the market-leading German magnet producer combine the ease of magnetic lifting with ergonomic and safe operation of pneumatic handling. Due to the perfect load distribution, our new model Magnetful 120 enables almost weightless lifting and handling in all directions with a wide range of different loads. Pneumatically activated magnets and safety features make our products versatile and a powerful choice for industries such as metal working, machining, and material handling.


Operator can’t turn the magnet off when the the load is lifted. Magnet can be turned off when the load is placed at a surface.

The system does not permit the lifting unless magnet been placed in the correct position and fully activated.


Magnetful 120 can grab loads from the top and the side. It can used to lift loads with different sizes and shapes.